Husky Liners Mud Guard 4pc Set

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Form is our function.

Our Mud Guards are tailor fit to match your fenders perfectly. If only our pants could fit like that.

Wider is better.

Our Mud Guards are built to the maximum width for full tread coverage of single or dually factory tires. We don’t mess around with mess around.

Tougher than nails.

Our durable, impact resistant all-weather thermoplastic material holds up to whatever the road spits at it.

You’ll be muddin’ in no time.

So quick and easy to install you’ll be on the road to off-roading in no time.

Looking slick.

The sleek style of our Mud Guards give your ride a factory look, only better.

Get behind the Shield.

Our Exclusive Husky Shield® Film is easy to install and provides an invisible protective barrier between the Mud Guard and the vehicle’s paint.

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