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Manufactured using automotive-grade, tough-as-nails stainless steel, the SmartCap EVOc Commercial is a brilliantly engineered truck bed cap system. The steel side doors and optional Security Screen provide incredible protection for your truck bed. Outfit your EVOc with SmartCap Components, to build the ultimate commercial truck based on your cargo management needs. Nice work!

Features Include: Integrated Roof Rails, Positive Pressure Air Vent, Front Rubber Mounted Fixed Window, Double-Walled Solid Gullwing Side Doors, Rear Half-Door w/Rubber Mounted Fixed Window, Third Brake Light* and OE White Automotive Paint.


  • Weather proof;
  • Stainless steel;
  • 770lbs strong;
  • Easy removal;
  • 3 year warranty;


A truck cap as tough as your truck bed.

SmartCap EVOc stands for commercial grade. That means it was forged from tough-as-nails automotive-grade stainless steel. Why shouldn’t your truck cap be as tough as your truck bed? The EVOc Commercial holds up to 330 lbs when moving and a whopping 770 lbs when parked.

The world’s first modular designed truck cap.

SmartCap’s advanced 5-piece modular design is ideal for your commercial or fleet needs. Simply purchase a SmartCap EVOc online and we’ll ship it directly to your home or business. Plus, it can be easily installed in under two hours. You’re in business.

Protection when ya need it—easy access when you don’t.

SmartCap’s Gullwing Door openings are approximately 17% taller than most fiberglass caps and provide incredible security for your cargo. Plus, the low-profile latching mechanisms and heavy-duty gas struts enable you to open the door with just one finger.

Safe and secure.

When combined with the stainless steel doors, the rear window optional Security Screen mesh adds an extra layer of protection for your SmartCap EVOc. You know, to keep out the riffraff. *Security screen shown in white for photo demonstration purposes only. The actual screen is black.

Build it how you want it.

Our SmartCap Components let you build the ultimate commercial truck. From a Drawer-Bin to the Half-Bin or Full-Bin, Load Bars, Roller Rack, and more. Now you can easily organize your commercial truck bed exactly how you want it.

No need for a rain check.

The EVOc utilizes an innovative sealing method that when properly installed makes the SmartCap weatherproof. Come rain, snow, high winds or freezing temperatures—your cap will remain watertight and your cargo will stay dry.

Need to haul taller loads? SmartCap is off and running.

The EVOc lets you easily convert your commercial rig to a conventional pickup. This SmartCap can be removed in under 15 minutes, giving you the ability to haul taller loads. Then when you’re ready to get back to business, EVOc is back on in a snap!

Our filtered air vent leaves other truck caps in the dust.

The Positive Pressure Air Vent filters fresh air into the cap at a greater velocity than the enclosed bed is capable of sucking it back in. This keeps road dust outside where it belongs, rather than on your cargo.

Perfectly fit.

Our design team strictly adheres to the manufacturers’ approved fitment guidelines to ensure your SmartCap is perfectly fit to your late model Ford, GM, RAM or Toyota truck. When it comes to your commercial truck needs, we fit right in.

A portal of light.

For all full-size SmartCap applications, we’ve designed a portal window* that allows your truck’s third brake light to illuminate the bed. Good thinking! *Not available on mid-size applications.

Mount up.

Sleekly designed into the top of the SmartCap, our integrated Roof Rails allow you to utilize other Components for mounting rooftop carriers, signage, ladders—whatever your business requires. Plus, if you already own a rack system, no problem. SmartCap’s Roof Rails are universally designed to mount just about anything.

Will brake for hippos.

SmartCap EVOc incorporates a high-mounted third brake light that’s sure to help tailgaters keep their distance. Plus, you never know when you need to brake for hippos.

Three year warranty.

We provide a 3-year comprehensive warranty on all SmartCap parts and workmanship. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Chevrolet / GMC

2019-22 Silverado/Sierra 1500 (New Body Style) Short: 5′ 8″ EC0100-WH $3695
2019-22 Silverado/Sierra 1500 (New Body Style) Standard: 6′ 5″ EC0101-WH $3695
2020-22 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 HD (New Body Style) Standard: 6′ 9″ EC0104-WH $3695
2015-22 Colorado/Canyon Crew Cab Short Box: 5′ EC0105-WH $3495
2015-22 Colorado/Canyon Crew or Extended Cab Long Box: 6′ EC0106-WH $3495



2021-22 F-150 Short: 5′ 5″ EC0306-WH $3695
2021-22 F-150 Standard: 6′ 5″ EC0307-WH $3695
2015-20 F-150 Short: 5′ 5″ EC0300-WH $3695
2015-20 F-150 Standard: 6′ 5″ EC0301-WH $3695
2017-22 F250/F350 Standard: 6′ 8″ EC0302-WH $3695
2019-22 Ranger Crew Cab Short: 5′ EC0303-WH $3495
2019-22 Ranger Extended Cab Standard: 6′ EC0304-WH $3495



2020-22 Gladiator (Date Coming Soon!) Short: 5′ EC0600-WH $3495



2019-22 RAM 1500 (New Body Style) Short: 5′ 7″ EC1000-WH $3695
2019-22 RAM 1500 (New Body Style) Standard: 6′ 4″ EC1001-WH $3695
2020-22 RAM 2500/3500 (New Body Style) Standard: 6′ 4″ EC1002-WH $3695
2009-19 RAM 2500/3500 (Classic Body Style) Standard: 6′ 4″ EC1002-WH $3695



2022 Tundra (Date Coming Soon!) Short: 5′ 5″ TBD $3695
2022 Tundra (Date Coming Soon!) Standard: 6′ 5″ TBD $3695
2007-21 Tundra (Date Coming Soon!) Short: 5′ 5″ EC1300-WH $3695
2007-21 Tundra Standard: 6′ 5″ EC1301-WH $3695
2016-22 Tacoma (Gen 3) (Date Coming Soon!) Short: 5′ EC1302-WH $3495
2016-22 acoma (Gen 3) (Date Coming Soon!) Standard: 6′ EC1303-WH $3495


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